How To Make Any Woman Squirt | One Simple Technique

2020-01-07 13:18:53
How To Make Any Woman Squirt | One Simple Technique

Squirting is something most of your guys have only seen in Porn. Squirting is not really common, not every orgasm turns into squirting. Even most of the females have no idea on how squirting works. So if you are going to try this with your partner tonight, you are definitely going to blow her mind. Most of the time when women masturbate, they masturbate by massaging their clitoris which gives her an awesome orgasm but squirting on clitoris orgasm is not very common. In fact, I have seen it very rare. 

Best way to get a squirting orgasm in by vaginal stimulation. Now, most of you won't believe me when say that you can have a vaginal orgasm as well but that is what you are going to learn today.  

For vaginal orgasm, you are going to stimulate either or both G-spot and A-spot. 

For G-spot stimulation insert one or two fingers inside her vagina and start moving your fingers in a come here motion with your fingers pointing upwards (towards the naval). 

For A-spot stimulation insert your index finger(as it is the longest finger) inside her vagina and push it as deep as you can so you touch her cervix (cervix feels like the tip of the nose). The ring of muscles around the cervix is called A-spot but not just the front wall but all the way around the A-spot is super sensitive. 

These actions are going to make your partner go crazy and have a life-changing vaginal orgasm. At the time of stimulation, women’s urethral sponge starts to fill up with fluid which produced by skene's gland. Women can push these fluids out at the time of orgasm. I can bet my everything to prove the statement that this is going to relax a complete female body. Just follow the instructions and be ready to give your partner the best orgasmic experience.

Squirting experience using sex toys vibrator

For all the other single ladies out there, we know it's not easy to do this all alone but for you, we have the other best way to have the squirting experience with the help of a G-spot vibrator. You can stimulate both your G-spot and A-spot with these vibrators

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