How To Make Sex Life Better | Bedroom Tips for Married Life

2020-04-23 13:25:12

Sex is an art and all of us want to be the artist. Every man wishes to impress his partner with his skills. In this article, we are giving a step by step guide on how to give your girl the best sex she ever had. There are a number of books that give ways to spice up the bedroom through which now we all know that the key for best orgasm is to go slow but no one ever tells how to stay calm or what to do exactly. I am gonna tell you what you have to do when you are going slow and some bedroom tips for married life. Usually, men get excited easily, whereas women take a long time to come to that point and if you are not following this guide, you might finish before she actually gets into it. Our readers have already been able to spice up marriage after 20 years. Go with the steps below and I promise extreme pleasure for both you and your partner to improve your love life.

Start With Romantic Talks

Start with romantic talksCommunicate! Make your partner realize you are not into her just for sex. Start with casual talks on her day, how your day went, and slowly drive the conversation towards romantic talks. You can talk about your fantasies or ask about her fantasies. This will give you a chance to know more about her and you also get her consent.

Kiss Her and Touch the Other Body Parts

Show romantic gestures with sweet forehead kisses and slowly step forward with kisses all over her face and lips. When you are lip locked, start moving your hands over her back. Keep touching her body while you are kissing her.

Remove Clothes Slowly

Start undressing your partner while you are passionately kissing everybody part revealing. Kiss all over her back and neck, this is one of the most sensitive parts of a woman's body. Give her the chance to remove your clothes and dominate you with her movers.

Use Sex Toys To Warm Her Up

Use Sex Toys To Warm Her UpThis is the most crucial and important step. You should know your partner’s preference for this. At this stage, you have to excite your partner using a sex toy that you believe she is going to like. In case you have not opened up to your partner yet, do not worry, all girls love g-spot vibrators. Use a vibrator all over her untouched parts and then to her vagina. This is going to drive her crazy.

Kiss Her Boobs And Vagina

Kiss Her Boobs and VaginaNow is the time to show some skills with your tongue. All men and women love it. Grab those juicy melons and suck them like this is the last thing you want to eat. Keep kissing and move down towards her glory hole. Kiss around the vagina in her inner thighs and go all the way deep inside her vagina.

Let Her Play With Your Penis

Slowly move her hand towards your tool and let her take the charge. Do not stand still while she is doing her magic, keep telling her how much you are enjoying. While all this is happening to keep moving your hand over her head or boobs.

Knock Your Penis On Her Vagina

Take the chargeback and get over her. Tease your partner by moving your dick over her vagina’s inner and outer lips. Play with her clitoris by smashing it with your dick head. Knock your penis on her vagina, this will wake your girl’s sexual desires. Keep teasing her until she screams to have your wonder inside her.

Start With Slow Strokes

Sex PositionsAlways remember going fast will not make you win this race. Start with real slow strokes. Each stroke should take about 3 seconds. You can even try to take out the whole penis and then insert it again. Make around 50 strokes at the same pace and then change the position.

Speed Up

By this time, both of you must be having the best moment. Speed up your motion a little taking around 2 seconds for each stroke. Make around 100 such strokes and shift to your next position.


Keep shifting from fast to slow and changing positions until you reach an orgasm. If you are following this guide, you had the best satisfactory orgasm and your girl must have already had multiple orgasms.

Make sure that orgasm is not where the moment should stop, give her a nice hug and kisses all over her face. Staying longer is the key for satisfaction and if you ejaculate real quick we highly recommend Kaamraj’s Regain Manhood. It is made of 100% natural ingredients that strengthen your pelvic muscles. Regular consumption of these magical capsules will Increase Bed Time and improve your sexual health in all aspects.

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