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During pandemic or otherwise, the lingerie craze has always been on rise. But especially during covid times, intimacy has taken another level of hit. Blame it on the loneliness or the newly found passion for savoring something new in the bedroom, lingerie shopping has definitely taken an upswing.

From shopping online from e-stores like Naughty Nights for exotic lingerie to finding out new stuff in markets, the urge of getting sensual inner-wear can be obviously seen. There is absolutely no doubt in saying that the fashion industry has been hit hard due to the pandemic and many brands have seen their last day because of it but nonetheless, lingerie brands saw the new craze for sexy wear by women and men.

Reason behind the rise in Lingerie Shopping

With a lot of free time at home, while some women have gone bra-free during work from home, others like couples have definitely come closer in terms of intimacy. This intimacy is not limited to being physically close to each other but extends to trying something new and that is sex play.

Sex play has always been seen as a little intimidating or rather uncomfortable by many. But thanks to pandemic, couples have been seen to try out many new things to spice up their private life and one of those is trying out sexy lingerie for sex play or cosplay.

Pandemic definitely didn’t kill people’s vibes to create a sensual environment in the bedroom, hence the rise in lingerie shopping. Also, we need to give it up to the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise to spur the craze for sexy lingerie. People who have fantasized about kinky bedroom drama are all over the place with lingerie with their Fifty Shades fantasyland.

Lingerie to try out in the bedroom with your partner

Sexy lingerie is a must in modern love making. Not just that but sex plays, cosplay and costume wearing is so generalised now that it isn’t a closed wall topic anymore. Moreover, the variety that you get in the intimate lingerie section is to be in awe of.

Yes, you heard that right, you don’t just get innerwear to pair and play with but a variety of it to set your private moments right. Let us dig into what kind of playful lingerie options you get online to oomph you up.


First things first, having a sensual bikini set is a must for every woman out there if you are looking to seduce your partner. Hence, a luxurious, lacy, and sexy bikini set should be in your wardrobe to make the moments special.


If you are a woman who chooses comfort over everything else but still wants to make sure that she doesn’t leave a chance to captivate her partner’s attention then a babydoll lingerie set is a perfect fit for you.

Babydoll sets make sure to give you the required alleviation and much-needed lusciousness. Make yourself and your partner groove with kinky play with the best babydoll sets available online.


Bustier set is nothing less than a corset but a corset with a purpose. The bustier lingerie set is all about giving your bust an extra push making it pop out and look juicy, therefore, setting the right tone to start a romantic & naughty night.


Thongs are by far the sexiest and best way to make sure your partner is seduced during your intimate moments. They are seamless and tend to cover your genitals, making sure to tease your better half with all kinkiness.


Garters are there to make you look hot & sensual altogether. These not only keep your lingerie in place but garter belts also make the whole look seductive as hell. Hence, a perfect lingerie fit for a sensual night ahead.


Now, if your aim is to actually create a foreplay or sexplay kind of environment with your partner then nothing is better than cosplay costumes. Play with your favorite costumes like a hot nurse, sexy cheerleader costume, pole dancer lingerie, sensual student cosplay uniform, nurse uniform, and many other hot costumes to endeavor in.

Cosplay costumes add another zest to the whole sexy scenario. These costumes not only set a mood for you but also create excitement and make you eagerly wait for the moment when you or your partner wears them, hence a perfect way to again revive the buzz that had started to faze in your relationship.

Now that you know all about sexy lingerie that you can use with your partner, it is easy to answer the questions about why exactly has there been a rise in lingerie sales, especially during the pandemic. Moreover, sexy lingerie is not just limited to the bedroom, you can feel sexy even out in your workplace or at a party by pairing the lingerie with your favorite bra or panty. Hence, a win-win situation for you.

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