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Women go through menstruation every month and without a doubt, they usually stay away from sexual activities during these days. The obvious reason behind it is the mess that periods bring along with them which is a hindrance to an intimate time. 

Even though many ladies would stay away from any sexual activity during their menses, others find themselves more sexually active during periods. But even they feel a little hesitant to dive into any intimate act due to many reasons.

Is Masturbation Common During Periods?

Well, the answer to this question is yes, it is safe and common to self-please during menstruation. Not just that but there are multiple benefits to masturbating while being on the rag.

In today’s times, menstruation is not a closed-door topic anymore, in fact, women are more interested in talking about it than ever. They want to know it all and this pique of interest is not just about their monthly cycle but what they can and can not do during it too. Out of all, self-pleasing is something that ladies can go for. 

The more you do it, the healthier and more enjoyable it is during that time of the month. Also, masturbation should not be considered an untouchable topic anymore when it can bring an active lifestyle to a woman’s life. 

Benefits of Masturbation During Periods

Well, there are many pros to wanking oneself which mostly, positively impact the health of a person. On top of that, during periods, it is a cherry on the cake as it helps to ease women while they are already exasperated.

  1. Less Pain: Almost every woman out there goes through discomfort and feels abdominal cramps during periods which sometimes is more than bearable. Hence, to ease that pain, masturbating helps a lot. Stimulating yourself during menses releases endorphins which are highly known to relieve pain. Therefore, if you are up to it, good orgasms can benefit you and lessen the intensity of your pain.

  2. Keeps Mood Swings At Bay: Mood swings are a big part of monthlies and getting over them can be quite challenging. Stimulating yourself via masturbation can keep them at bay. Irritation is usually seen during periods in women, this is due to changes in hormones which can be controlled by orgasm. Orgasms and stimulation help to regulate the hormones and thus, a good mood.

  3. Relaxes the Body: Just a few minutes of masturbation can help in relaxing the super-tensed body of a menstruating woman. Orgasms tend to soothe the painful parts of the body and ease them to provide a perfectly relaxing experience, hence, a big yes to self-pleasing during periods.

  4. No Need for Lubricant: The best part about giving yourself a great time of pleasure during the monthly cycle is that women don’t need to use an additional lubricant while doing it. They are already secreting enough lubrication in the form of period blood that they can easily masturbate with the help.

How To Do It?

  1. Clean Up Well: Well, the one thing to take care of during masturbating while menstruating is that hygiene is extremely important. Before initiating, make sure that the vaginal area is properly cleaned, also, it is to make sure that you don’t have to clean the mess afterward. Hence, have a good clean-up before the act.

  2. Use a Tampon or Menstrual Cup: The next thing to keep in mind is how you can make things as less messy as you can. To ensure that, use a tampon or a menstrual cup during self-pleasing. These methods certainly make sure that while you give yourself a clitoral massage you don’t have to touch a single drop of blood.

  3. Do It In The Shower: If you don’t feel like wearing a period aid while you have to please yourself for an orgasm then the best way to save yourself from all the mess is doing it in the shower. Running water and standing position while doing it is a perfect way.

  4. Use Sex Toys: We have saved the best in the last for you. Using sex toys for great arousal during menses is the most chosen option as they are mess-free and keep your hands clean throughout the act. 

Is It Risky?

If you are thinking of any risks related to masturbating during menstruation then lay back and relax, because it is a safe & sound thing to do. Although, there are some definite precautions that a lady can always take to ensure a safe self-pleasing time. 

  • First is using a condom if you are using your favorite toys for an orgasmic time during periods. The use of a condom ensures that you don’t have to clean or wash the toys after use.

  • Maintaining cleanliness is another thing to note down. Doing it using dirty hands or in an unhygienic manner is not suggested. Wash yourself up thoroughly before and after the act.

  • In case you are up to no condom use, then cleaning the toys before and after use is necessary. Using the boiling method or a sex toy cleaner is extremely important to stay clear of any blood-borne infection. 

All in all, it is indeed safe to say that menstruation is not a block in your way of masturbation. You, as a woman can still enjoy the time being sexually active. All you have to do is follow some simple precautionary measures and you are good to feel all the arousal during the period days as well.

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