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Vagina Lighting and Tightening

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Giving birth to a baby results in a lot of body changes. Your stomach have to stretch or your vagina have to expand during delivery. Delivering a little human from you is no doubt the most amazing feeling but post birth body changes might end up creating issue into your sexlife.

Around 90%  of mothers have admitted to lose interest in sex after the childbirth, as they could no longer feel their husband inside, neither their husband was enjoying the same pleasure like before.


Reduction yam shrink tighten can be a life changer for such couples.

Reduction yam shrink tighten is best effective in cases of
Female after fertility
Frequent sex life

For females after abortion

Gynecological inflammation

Dark Vagina

This amazing little wand will make you feel like a girl within 30 second


Using it will help you in
Tightening your vagina
Regulating the sex apathy
Improving the elasticity of vagina
Enhancing sex sensation

Reduction yam shrink tighten is an amazing blend of 100% natural ingredients like Talcum Powder,Honeysuckle,Pearl Powder,Borneol,BaiFan Powder,Madura Mountain Roots which Stimulates female hormones and delays the process of aging. It’s use will also help you keeping yourself clean between your legs.


Reduction yam shrink tighten is not just a game changes but is an easy to use product with 0 side effects.

-For best results we recommend to use it half or one hour before sexual intercourse.

-Make sure to properly clean your vagina before using it.

-Simply rinse the stick and then insert it into the vagina slowly.

-Rotate it for about 30 seconds (Note - due to different vaginal situations, the time can vary but longest time of use should not exceed more than 1 minute!   

-After every use, make sure to rinse the stick again for next use.

-Do not wash the stick as that might reduce the life of the product.

-Always store it in a cool shade place.

-For personal care use it for 3 or 4 times a day.


The product should not be used by Pregnant women, nursing mothers and during the menstruation.

Item is for external use only, can not be eaten or consumed.



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