2021-09-06 13:40:12

Modern times have modern solutions for sexual urges, no I am not talking about sex toys BUT casual sex. Some might be already familiar with the term and others not so much. To put it in layman’s language casual sex is also known as a one-night-stand or friends with benefits situation.

Well, whatever it may be called, we know one thing for sure that it means the same in every term and that is to have sex without any strings attached. This can be a blessing for some, to have sex whenever you want, without wanting to have been answerable to the person, and most importantly, SEX WITHOUT RELATIONSHIP.

Yes, such things do fantasize some who dream of living a ‘free’ life. Casual sex is not just bound to singles but married ones also take part in this frivolously. It has become so common for people to get involved in this trend of occasional sex irrespective of its repercussions. 

But, as it goes, everything comes with some cons, therefore, let us dive into few clear as water realities of attempting casual sex before you actually consider to do it.

  1. Mental side effects

    For some it isn’t so easy after casual sex, they usually feel anxious and guilty once they have done it, specially the married ones, they feel sorry about cheating on their partner. This is common but some take it very hard, they even suffer from depression.

    Mental health is definitely affected with occasional sex, it somehow makes you feel less worthy of yourself and so the guilt-trip continues.

  2. Unsafe practice

    A lot of times temporary sex can also be extremely unsafe, from STDs to other sexual problems, your health can take a toll on you. Not just that but it can even make you pregnant, YES, there have been multiple cases of people being drunk or careless and doing it without a condom which has left many getting pregnant.

    It is certain that no one would want to have a child with someone they just had meaningless sex with, so girls and boys be sure before having that irrelevant sex.

  3. Emotionally vulnerable

    It is common to feel emotionally exhausted with casual sex, if you have been there then believe me you are not alone. The ones who have sex with strangers or randomly with anyone are the most emotionally vulnerable. Casual sex might even confuse them and make them question themselves if they are in a relationship or not?

    If you are an emotionally weak person, I might suggest, casual sex is not a thing for you!

  4. You might fall in love

    For all the romantic heads, casual sex might not be simply ‘casual’ for you, after-all sex does involve release of hormones which ultimately makes you fall for your sex partner. So, if you think you are going to be emotionally invested in the person, you should abort the casual sex mission NOW!

  5.  That lonely feeling! 

    If you are single and have no one to share your emotional baggage with then it is normal to feel lonely at the end of the day, specially with ones who enjoy occasional sex with strangers, they are most exposed to this feeling.

    No matter how much you enjoy those few hours with your temporary sex partner, at the end you do need someone with whom you can share everything, your highs and lows. This definitely can’t be done with a casual sex-lover of yours. This is why for not so bold & gutsy, you are better without casual sex my friend.

To wrap it all, let’s just admit that random sex with a random person (even with a friend with benefits) does seem like a thrilling & adventurous trip that we all want to go on. But, with pleasure comes a few face-punching realities which when hit, really makes us question if an hour’s euphoria is worth our mental and emotional well-being?

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