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If you think that sex life is all about foreplay, love, and kinky sex positions then you might be living in a fantasy because intimate life can also take another turn to the town of pleasure, fun, and fulfillment. Lubricants for sexual pleasure are such a way out for every person out there who looks forward to a thrilling time in bed.

Apart from sex toys there are many ways to create that oomph factor in your bedroom which include starting off with a good play, role play to be specific, then some kinky touch to the night followed by a delightful use of lubricants, and voila you have a rather more exhilarating night for you ahead than ever.

Lubricants and their oh-so intoxicating flavors

You might wonder about what a simple lubricant can do to completely change your sex game? Well, let us enlighten you about some enjoyable features of sexual lubricants which will make you want them more.

Variant flavors of lubricants

Lubricants can be a way for you to add flavors to your sexual life, thanks to multiple lubricant flavors available, you not only can enjoy their application but can also include them in your kinky activities.

Flavors like Strawberry, Black Currant, Chocolate, Green Apple, and Raseela Pan can add spice to your intimate activities. The flavored lubes are edible and act as a good companion for oral intimate adventures for you. Flavored lubricants are made of organic & natural extracts making them extremely suitable for the thrilling oral experience. Also, flavors add the missing excitement & thrill into the moment.

But it is not just flavor that does all the magic, different kinds of lubricants also play a major role in the deciding factor of which to use & when, hence let us dive into the same.

Water-based lubricants

The most loved and used type of lube out there in the market is a water-based lubricant. The reason being its consistency and features, the water-based lubes are extremely easy to apply and clean. Their consistency makes them feel light when applied and also gives an advantage of not staining the sheets and covers of any surface.

Water-based lubes are also quite compatible with rubber or latex condoms, so if you are thinking of making use of your favorite condom on your best night then using water-based lube can be a win-win for you. If you are thinking to use the water-based lube for your silicone or rubber-based sex toy then also it is the perfect choice for you. The only setback to this lube is that it is not competent to be used with water, specifically if you are thinking of using it under a shower or in your bathtub with your partner then the water-based lube won’t stay put and will be washed along with the water. Apart from that, this lubricant is your perfect go-to lube for any of your sensual adventures.

Silicone-based lubricants

Now if you are disappointed with the fact that you can not use your favorite water-based lube in the shower then you can take a sigh of relief because with silicone-based lubes it is now possible to enjoy a steamy hot shower with your partner. This lube is completely compatible with water and also gives you the advantage of not re-applying it again & again. It is quite thick providing you the comfort of long hours of lubrication and smoothness.

Oil-based lubricants

Oil-based lubes are another exquisite type of lubricant to opt for if you are looking for a long & retaining stay while you are busy making your partner happy. It can also be your companion in regular use and for intimate massages, oil-based lubes are the best. The one drawback related to them is that these can not be used while wearing a latex or non-latex condom. Hence, a big no to its use with condoms.

Now that we are done with the types of lubes and what kind is perfect for you, it is time to answer the most thought question as to why exactly you need a lubricant? Well, there are numerous reasons, but to name a few we have narrowed down reasons into the following!

  1. Foreplay action with lubes: Cuddling and setting the tone right before diving into sex is extremely important. And to do that you can always prefer using a lubricant. Now, lube is not just your helper in making sure that your moments are filled with extra thrill but it is also a medium of bringing in smooth sex. Also, this ultimate sex tool can be used for other purposes as well including body massage and body lubrication before exciting sex.

  2. Dive into smooth & painless sex: Lubrication means to provide a smooth & gliding surface and the same is the case with lubes used for sexual pleasure. Sexual lubricants are used to make the surface of application very soft so as to allow easy insertion during sex. Ladies usually feel rough or rather painful down there after sex which is common due to the lack of lubrication between the skin surface with a condom or skin. 

    Hence, for a thrilling yet soft silk experience, it is a must to use lube because your intimate time should not be about painful times rather it should be filled with pleasure & more.

  3. Oral Pleasure: Sex is not just about intercourse, you can make your sexual fantasies come true with oral sex as well. To orally please your partner is not underrated nowadays, it is quite enjoyed by everyone and to be able to satisfy your partner just by oral lovemaking is very appealing. 

    To enhance your romantic oral ventures use of lubricants is like icing on the cake. Lubricants, specially flavored lubes make the whole experience exciting, thrilling and not to mention quite yummy.

  4. Make sex life interesting: On top of everything use of lubes in intimate times is all about making your dull sexual life interesting & full of adventures. Lubes are a powerful sexual tool to make any monotonous sexual scene quite fun.

Now that we are at the end of the lube conversation it is evident and very apparent that the use of lubricants is very beneficial for your sexual life. From pleasure to pain-less experience, lubes give it all.


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