Five Benefits Every Man Must Know When Using Sex Toys

2020-04-24 15:29:16
Five Benefits Every Man Must Know When Using Sex Toys

Studies conducted at Indiana University in the USA found that 53% of women and 45% of men aged between 18-65 years had used a vibrator, and that vibrator use is associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health. As well as offering pleasure and fun, sex toys can be a useful adjunct to medical treatment.


Here are five benefits For men using sex toys

Number 1:
There are a number of sexual problems in men that may be helped by using specific sex toys. These include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido and post-surgical problems for a variety of conditions.

Number 2:
"Constriction rings can help a man maintain his erection for longer, making it firmer, and also delay ejaculation,". 

Number 3:
"Specially-designed male vibrators can help men to gain an erection and stimulate nerve endings. They can also help with delayed ejaculation as they offer a different sexual sensation to manual masturbation."

Number 4:
Medical practitioners recommend that these vibrators can be useful in treating male sexual dysfunction, and adds: "Penile suction devices to help get erections are available to purchase as well as on prescription, but it would be best to get medical advice before use. 

Number 5:
One research paper has looked at the use of penile sleeves and penile prostheses (more usually termed 'strap-ons' and used by women) as unconventional ways of allowing men to continue to have penetrative intercourse with a partner if they cannot get a useful erection, with some success.

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