The Real Men's Struggles | Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

2020-05-19 19:25:37
The Real Men's Struggles | Premature Ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction

A new study in India states that over 40% of Indian adult men are suffering or worried about premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. For people who do not know, premature ejaculation is a state where men eject sperm earlier than expected and in erectile dysfunction, his penis fails to gain a hard erection. It is very surprising that people are still not talking about such a serious issue spreading so fast. 10 years back the same study reported 23% of people going through this situation, which means problems have doubled in 10 years and are expected to increase even more in the coming time. This is the high time to come forward and openly discuss real men's struggles. We have compiled 7 different ways to help you wave happily through your sex life.

Using Cock Ring

Many men are already using it but some of you are still unaware or confused about penis rings. It is an adult toy that fits right on your penis to stop the flow of blood in your penis. At the time of sexual excitement, the human mind sends signals to the heart which increases blood flow in the penis, the increased blood flow results in an erection. Now cock ring increases pressure on the shaft to keep the high flow of blood inside the penis nerves. You will see the results the moment you put that magical ring on your penis. Using cock rings will also enable you to keep stroking even after ejaculation. This is the key to prime sexual satisfaction for your partner.

Using Penis Sleeve

Penis sleeves are well known for the fact that it results in instant size extension for penis. It is silicone made stretchable reusable condom that is crafted with different designs and colors. But most of you do not know other hidden features of penis sleeves. Most of the penis covers are thicker than regular condoms which decrease the sensitivity level and help you last longer in bed. Some penis covers also offer a double hole that makes it more comfortable and acts somewhat like penis rings to control blood flow and help in the erection. Some dragon sleeves also feature different textures on top to stimulate and tease those extra nerves of your partner’s vagina for extreme pleasure, as that is what the main focus is.

Using Hollow Stap-On Dildo

You all might have seen in lesbian porn where women wear a dildo with a belt to satisfy her partner, there are dildos for men in the same kind. The Hollow Strap-On Dildos have hollow space inside the dildo to insert your penis and please your partner with the additional power of silicone dildo. It has an attached adjustable belt that perfectly wraps around your body and supports your penis. One of the major benefits of hollow dildos with a belt is that it decreases the sensitivity of the penis to the best possible level and men can keep stroking even after ejaculation. You can also choose models with size extension for added pleasure and deep-diving into partners' vagina.

Using Delay Spray Or Viagra

Delay sprays are the most commonly suggested and available resolution for staying longer with a hard erection. It is a mixture of different chemicals blended together to numb your nerves and help you keep going. Delay sprays of viagra give instant results but are not recommended in the long run. Long term use of such strong chemicals can result in permanent damage to manhood and your abilities to naturally perform sexual activities. We suggest you ignore its use as much as you can but using it twice a month is labeled safe.

Having Dietary Supplements

While we have already suggested some instant active resolutions to keep up with your sex life and stay hero in eyes of your partner but we need to keep on working to get some permanent help for this stressful issue. Improving your lifestyle and adding some particular nutritions to your regular diet will slowly help you regain your original power for permanent results. After long research, we found the Kaamraj Regain Manhood Capsule made of 100% natural ingredients which shows great results on the overall health of the penis. Being ayurvedic it is safe and has permanent results, you just have to be a little patient and stay positive. By consuming Kaamraj Regain Manhood once or twice every day, you will start to see results within 6 weeks.

Regular Exercise

Regular workout is key to a healthy lifestyle. While you go to the gym and pump up your body to make it look great, there are some specific exercises that focus on penile health. Jelqing is considered the best regular exercise for boosting penile growth and gaining a hard erection. To do jelqing, make an okay shape in both of your hands by joining your index finger to your thumb. Now starting from the shaft, hold your penis with the okay shape we designed in hands.  Move your hands in an upward direction with maximum bearable pressure to the tip of the penis. Follow the same with another hand and this completes one set. You have to perform 100-150 repetitions every day in the same manner to gain a healthy and long penis.

Using Penis Vacuum Pump

Penis vacuum pump works on a very effective module of stretching tissues and nerves by creating vacuum pressure. Though it comes in different designs all of them have a common tube where you insert your penis inside it. With a silicone seal, it stops any air to come in or go out from the tube after you have inserted your penis. Now depending on your pump, you will increase pressure inside the tube to a maximum bearable comfortable pressure. You have to keep it in this same position for 1-4 minutes and then release the pressure. After a small interval of rest, you have to again increase the pressure and then repeat it for 15-18 minutes. This has to be part of your daily life for noticeable results. Using vacuum pumps help in penis growth by stretching tissues so they can multiply and also removes any blockage in penis nerves for improved blood flow. As an instant result, it also helps in gaining a real-time erection. You can use a pump just before sex to gain realtime rock hard erection and give your girl an extreme level of pleasure.

As by now you already have multiple choices of action you can perform to keep your relationship and help it grow stronger, we personally suggest you all use these options in circulating cycle so your partner considers this as an attempt to spice up the sex life and not as your hide out. While you and your partner are already having a good sense of sex life, side by side keep on working to improve your penis health with suggested consumption of dietary supplement and regular exercise with penis pump so you can finally get back on track one day with using any props. 


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