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Guwahati is known to be a beautiful and mesmerizing city of North-East India and not to forget, the biggest city as well. From historic temples to people with traditional values, this city is filled with authenticity and originality.

Such are the ethics of people living here which are very moral and traditional. But this doesn’t mean that people here are devoid of all sexual pleasure. Folks of Guwahati are known to be lovable and also believe in loving each other enthusiastically.

And to fulfill this passion, we are here in the city famous for its charm with an exciting array of sex toys. Naughty Nights is the one-stop for young and old to make things enthralling just like their city.


Ladies of Guwahati are not behind when it comes to satisfying their sexual desires. They are quite interested in sex toys and for them, we have a wide range from which they can choose.

Wireless Vibrators: For women who want to have all the fun and still want to keep it a secret, we have revolutionary wireless vibrators which can make you moan even while being in public. These amazing vibrators complement the shy women of Guwahati perfectly with their mysterious working.

Massagers: Some women crave for more than masturbation which is a real-life experience which satisfies their whole body and for that Naughty Nights has massagers for the ladies which soothes their organs.

Sexy Lingerie: Timid nature of the ladies of Guwahati city is only limited outside of their bedroom. To heat things up during those intimate times, you can give your woman hot and spicy lingerie which will set the temperature between you both really high.


For the men of the city, we have such a sensational range of sex toys that will blow your minds.

Compliment your lady’s choice of lingerie with a set of ‘lingerie’ for yourself. Yes, you heard that right, now even you can make your lady feel awesome by buying penis sleeves from Naughty Nights. These sleeves will not only make your penis look big and heavy but will also satisfy your lady to the core.

If you are looking for pleasure in a closed bedroom just by yourself then we have a product for you as well. Get our amazing fleshlight series which gives you a chance to enjoy masturbation with a realistic feeling.

In case you are a single guy living away from your girlfriend or a husband seeking for some hotness in the bedroom, Naughty Nights have everything in store for everyone, so why wait when you can grab your hands on some amazing sex toys while sitting at home in your pretty city?


No, you don’t have to struggle anymore now to find the perfect sex toy in the markets of your city. Just lay back at your home and order online from a variety of sex toys for every possible pleasurable time.

Gift your wife or girlfriend the best sex toys made from skin-safe materials and see them go-gaga over them. And no, you don’t have to worry about the delivery and the secrecy of the products that you have ordered. We deliver all your favorite sex toys in discreet packaging so no one would ever know what you ordered.

To add the cherry on the cake, we offer a free delivery service, and what is better than that? Get your hands on our super affordable sex toys curated specially for our folks in Guwahati.

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