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Welcome to the wettest city of northeast India. Well, we can say the ‘wettest’ actually, as people in Shillong crave an exciting sexual time with their partners. Shillong is known for its beauty in mountains and so many couples visit here. But what about the couples of Shillong? How do they exactly curb their urges?

It is certainly difficult for people of the city to find sex toys in the markets, as there are none. But you don’t have to disappoint yourself anymore because just while sitting at home you can now order your favorite sex toys from Naughty Nights. And no, don’t worry about the hassle of the ordering process either because you can simply visit our website Naughty Nights and place your order without even having to talk to us.

Just like the cozy weather in Shillong, you can make your intimate moments snugly as well. Naughty Nights has a variety for both men and women so you won’t have to struggle to find sex toys at different online sites because we provide you everything at one place.


Women of Shillong are suave and charming, so is their beauty. Grace that perfect beauty by giving your lady a perfect set of lingerie available at our sex store. With such vibrant and exciting colors, your moments are definitely going to be spicy.

If you think ladies of the city are timid then you are in a delusion, get a bondage kit for you both and see what it can bring out from her. From seduction to fantasies, the bondage kit will give you all. Don’t wait for any long now and see what breathtaking things can happen between you two.

Ladies, if you want to please yourself and get that extra shot of orgasm then go for something from a wide range of dildos available at Naughty Nights. These amazing dildos will make you scream with satisfaction with their squirting, thrusting and vibrating features which you might not get from your man’s dick.


We have not forgotten about our folks in Shillong who are as excited about sex toys as their women. Men of the city can enjoy our range of masturbators which will make them cum harder than they imagined. Most of the guys are lustful for pussy over here, for them we have masturbators with pussy crafted holes which will give them a realistic experience of banging a real one.

If you are seeking to delay your sex time in bed then you are at the right place because we have got amazing delay sprays and gels for the guys which will definitely prolong the time during intercourse.

Not just that but you can also enjoy the feeling of an erect penis for a long time during sex with cock rings. Just place the ring around your penis and enjoy longer erections and make your lady also moan louder as she wouldn’t get enough of it.


Your hustle to find that perfect sex toy for you and your partner is now over with Naughty Nights which helps you buy them online. The quality of sex toys is no less than luxury over here and that too at affordable prices.

Also, there is a range of sex toys for everyone here. You won’t go empty-handed from this website. Once an order is placed all you have to do is lay back and wait for it to arrive at you.

Discreet packaging is what makes it the best sex toy store online in India where you don’t have to worry about your anonymity.

With such easy access, it is now extremely easy for the people of Shillong to order the best sex toys in India from one and only Naughty Nights.

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