2022-11-15 13:14:16

You may have gotten many sex advice throughout your sexual life, some of them good and some bad. 

What to do and what not during intercourse, especially for the one’s doing it for the first time, they are showered with many suggestions.

But, have you ever gotten the worst advice on sex? No, not on how to do it, instead about sex and related matters. Let us enlighten you with some which are actually terrible and must not be followed!

A Taboo for the younger generation

Undoubtedly, sex talk has become common these days but still is considered forbidden for some, especially younger ones. Instead of getting teenagers acquainted with sex, people usually deprive their children of such talk.

Why? Paradox thinking. However, this only puts the younger ones in a vulnerable position where they are open to getting their knowledge about the subject from any source, which might be negative.

Hence, better to dump such advice and get the young ones educated about sex for better insight.

Sex toys - say no to them!

If someone tips you saying not to try out sex toys, then it’s time you show them the door because sex toys are the best thing to ever happen to sex.

Excitement, fun, more orgasms, intense stimulation and a lot of other satisfying moments are what a sex toy can bring about in your life. Sex toys are a blessing for couples as well as singles and you can buy a wide variety of these on Naughty Nights, it is one of the popular sex stores online in India with some amazing toys to bring enthusiasm to your sex life.

Saying no to them does seem like bad advice now. Doesn’t it?

Orgasms for women? Not necessary.

It isn’t new that the desires of women and their needs are not considered during sex. Since long it has been just men who would devour women and satisfy themselves.

But it has definitely changed now, women are more demanding about their sexual urges and even attempt to satisfy themselves, with of course, sex toys.

Even sex toy industry is highly built around providing women's needs, from vibrators to massagers, almost everything is available on sites like Naughty Nights to satisfy women to their core.

Hence, this perception that it is not important if women get orgasm or not in an intercourse is so not true.

Hush-Hush, don’t make noise!

Have you ever been told to not make noise during sex? A lot of you must have been told to do so, even some by your partners. But why is that?

There is nothing wrong in doing sex and that too if you are a couple, still few feel embarrassed to accept the fact and stay completely shush about the act. 

Moaning and enjoying the sexual act is completely normal and indeed a pleasurable thing to do. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with making noise or expressing your feelings during intercourse. 

Sex is all about being physical

Sex is not merely an act of coitus with a stranger, it can be more than that. It involves the fun, understanding body of your partner, trying out new positions, introducing new stuff in the act like sex toys, thrill, and of course love. 

Just physicality is boring in sex and would only end up disappointing you. Thus, such advice is nothing but pointless and is certainly the worst.

Don’t let people advice you wrong on something which is as private as sex. It is definitely a less talked about topic and curiosity around it is also justified. 

Such worst advices are nothing but only going to make your whole sex experience depressing and unexciting. So keep your eyes and ears open to experience the real magic of sex before you fall for such advice.

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